Tuesday, February 19, 2013

And then comes the review that makes you wanna weep

I had an eventful week leading up to Valentine's Day where five book bloggers wrote reviews of my books.

After it was all over, one of the bloggers asked to read more, and then asked to read more. I was so thrilled, and sad I couldn't keep feeding her more words--I have only just begun to publish!

See it at Long and Short Reviews.

When Syria decides she wants to learn some hot new skills to tempt her lover, will she be the one tied up in knots?
Syria and Tyson are hot and heavy, except for when he has to be away with his work. As a photographer, Syria has meet some very sexy clients and is now craving more. When Mia makes a surprise visit and things get a little hot and heavy, she invites her to meet a Shibari expert. Madam Takahashi is a severe woman but one that Syria can learn from. Her adventures in the art of the rope are about to begin.
There was nothing I didn’t like about this book. The flow was amazing, the characters delicious and the right amount of peril and pleasure were balanced out. This book was like drinking a salted caramel mocha while you are wrapped in your favorite blanket. Wonderful!

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