Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Mister Stripper has arrived!

A full length standalone wild ride by Starla Cole

Dating a stripper isn’t always what you think. Sure, there’s the sex. (OH, the sex).

And the lifestyle. (From behind? In the behind? Well, let’s give it a go.)

I’m trying to keep up. (Yes, I kissed a girl, then a bit more, so he could watch.)

I’m pushing my boundaries, letting loose, and getting tied up. (Literally, in front of strangers.)

And did he really convince me to strip in front of a neighbor? (Yes, yes, he did.)

But these other girls have a piece of him too, waving dollars and getting up in his junk.

So in the end, exactly who will he be? Mister Stripper? Or Mister Right?

Available in Kindle Unlimited
Get this stripper for less than the dollar you'd put in his G-string
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